Thursday, March 24, 2011

In Defense of Creation...

Taken from Earth Age:

Those who hail evolution as a “fact” are either ignorant of the facts, or lying about them. The fact is that scientists have only been able to create 13 of the 20 amino acids that make up protein molecules. And even these (almost always) consist of 50/50 mixtures of L-type (left-handed) and D-type (right-handed) amino acids. This is about as far from making a living organism as a piece of silver is from a computer (with monitor, printer, and electricity) running Windows XP. For even the most "simple," self-replicating, bacterium contains many thousands of protein molecules, of 600 different types, that consist of left-handed (only) amino acids --each of which is connected in just the right order, like words and sentences on a page, while the most basic protein molecule (only 8 amino acids long) has never been observed to form naturally.

The most basic self-replicating bacterium is called Mycoplasma genitalia. It consists of at least 40,000 protein molecules of 600 different types, has 482 genes, and can't survive on its own but requires the aid of a more complex "host" organism. To suppose that one of these extremely complex creatures came into being by itself (over Billions of years) is an unsubstantiated speculation of the highest order and is NOT based on empirical (i.e. observed) science, but rather upon a blind faith in the power of matter to somehow organize itself by time and chance, while overcoming the destructive forces of nature such as heat, oxidation, hydrolysis, and numerous toxic chemicals.

For example, is there any reason to expect that a "Creative" bolt of Lightning, or "Ocean Bubble" could ever produce a half-way-formed "pre-mycoplasmic" organic blob of cells, that would --in 100 Billion years --make itself more and more complex, to the point where it could maintain and Reproduce itself ? Or would such a (hypothetical) halfway formed blob of chemicals simply decay and degrade via natural processes? Like it or not, the facts of science declare that such an imaginary "pre-creature" would not complete this process on its own, but would instead merely decay back into the unintelligent matter from which it came. In other words, a belief in evolution is based much more on (blind) faith, as opposed to scientifically observed facts.

For example, living organisms possess a molecule called DNA. This molecule contains the information needed to make a specific life-form, and which enables it to maintain and repair itself. The DNA molecule is mysteriously broken down into genes. One DNA molecule may have thousands of different genes (i.e. protein blueprints) in it. These genes are (relatively) small portions of chemically coded information that are used to make protein molecules. The DNA cannot "decode" itself, but requires the aid of numerous proteins (that also don't form naturally) to do so. If a DNA molecule were compared to a book, then its genes would be the equivalent to individual (long) words or sentences of that book, and the DNA equivalent to the Book itself, but the living organism itself is even more complicated than that because it can actually reproduce itself, and because.... The DNA in Living organisms can make molecular copies of itself called RNA (with near perfect accuracy) and transfer that information to ribosomes. In other words, the RNA molecule is a mobile copy of DNA. Meaning that once the RNA copy is complete, it literally travels to a different part of the cell (i.e. the Ribosome) where the information is used to make proteins. Ribosomes are tiny protein factories that take the information from the RNA and use it to make homochiralic proteins from L-type amino acids. Proteins are not known to form naturally in slime-pools, or Ocean vents, or Laboratories, but rather are only made by living organisms. The great majority of living organisms are also quite fragile and require a protective membrane to enclose them and to keep harmful substances out. If they get too hot or too cold they will die. If there isn't enough oxygen, or if there are poisonous substances present they will also die.

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